Workers’ compensation provides compensation to employees who have been injured on the job.  An injured worker is entitled to collect benefits for an injury, regardless of who was at fault.Worker’ compensation applies to all injuries that occur during the course and scope of employment.  It even applies if you have a pre-existing condition.  For example, if you have a bad back and you aggravate or worsen that condition, you are still entitled to collect workers’ compensation benefits.  Injuries can be sustained during a one-time event (like a slip and fall) or they can also be sustained from repetitive trauma (for example, frequent lifting).If you or a loved one has suffered a work-related injury, it is important to protect your legal rights. However, navigating the workers’ compensation laws and legal system alone can be very complex and overwhelming. You need an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer by your side. 

Abigail Gross has the expertise to guide you through the process. She will stand by your side to defend your case and protect your rights. She dedicates herself to giving you justice and peace of mind.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

At Gross Law Office, LLC, in Lehigh Valley PA we will help you:

✓ Recover lost wages

✓ Get medical expenses paid or reimbursed

✓ Secure long-term disability benefits

✓ Protect your rights

No Recovery – No Fee

At Gross Law Office, LLC Lehigh Valley, PA we represent injured workers on a contingent fee basis. This means that we do not receive any payment unless a claim has been resolved in your favor. In short, we do not receive pay unless you get the justice and compensation that you deserve.

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